I’m a teaching-artist. These mutual streams, performance-making and education, parallel embodiments as information channels, are the foundations from which I’m embarking upon a three-year research adventure (aka MFA) at The Ohio State University. My work thus far has taken me through the labyrinthine pathways of the New York City into creative, performative, and teaching environments in studios, stages, public and private school classrooms, universities, senior centers, pubs, and living rooms.  I’ve been a channel for experimental choreographies, punctuation, Pilates placement, and Pythagorean triples.

I’ve distilled a dedication to communicating with honesty and generosity, cultivating curiosity, & building vocabularies for communication.

I’m interested in developing structures and strategies to utilize dance and associated practices to invite individuals to build personal fluency of expression and cultivate curiosity.

Curiosity and creativity are containers for continuous learning. I am currently filling my container with an interest in the architecture of the human body.  Exploring its inner workings, function, expression, and the water and fibrous animal stuff that make us all.

I’m filling it with questions about intersecting power structures governing acceptable use and display of these bodies.  Laws and language and politics and culture and religion and myth and stigma.


What’s in your container?

(If it’s empty  . . . go fill it).