The Move.


The Move.

If you decide to move  a mattress, bike, & miscellany to the Midwest from Manhattan – it might be best not to assume that a large SUV will suffice. Maybe go for the U-Haul first thing.  And it will probably rain.

The act of driving your life from one place to another is a pretty big deal.

For the first time I’m living alone – no abundant roommates (no roaches!- so far) – though I miss them – the roommates I mean, not the roaches. No partner, no family to arrive home to.  It’s hard to adjust at first. Hard to sleep. I turned thirty the first week of school.  Cue mild existential crises around this particular melange of circumstances.

But for the first time I’m a capital ‘A’ Adult, who can feel she’s not on anyone’s sufferance. I signed a lease for my own place.  (I just cannot do that in NY – I’ll never make 40X the amount of rent needed to sign a lease, even in farthest reaches of the city.)

My apartment has four rooms –  a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a bedroom.  The shower is not in the kitchen. No walls made of bookshelves.  Etc.

Positively indulgent.

I ran errands in a U-Haul.

A half-gallon of milk at Walmart is 71 cents.

OH- is this how  people live?

As a Fellowship student, for the first time ever I have a predictable income, of a set amount, for every month for the next year.  I will go to one place every day. Not multiple boroughs/states.  I’ll ride a bike. Not the 123ACEBDFMNRQWSGLIRRNJTSIRferryassortedbusnumbers.

I’m starting out dancing through this new experience. I don’t know the steps – maybe there aren’t any -so I’ll improvise…


If you decide to move  a mattress, bike, and miscellany to the Midwest from Manhattan…